10 Tips for finding a job

United States
July 25, 2009 2:21am CST
I know that this is of high interest to a lot of people right now with the economy the way it is. I've decided to put together a few tips I have from my own job search as well as ones that have worked for people I know. 1) Apply EVERYWHERE. Even if it's not necessarily something you want to do, you should should still apply. Turn in applications to places even when the place says they aren't hiring, you never know when someone is going to quit or get fired so you might as well be ready. 2) Stay organized. Keep track of where you have applied and when. If someone calls you about an application you turned in it's helpful to know what you applied for so you don't have to ask silly questions like "What was I applying for again?". 3) Build a killer resume/application. When the hiring manager is going through a pile of 2,000 resumes/applications you're going to want yours to stand out. Skills are a great way to catch the eye. Worked in food service? You now have organization, interpersonal and customer service skills. See and you thought you were just flipping burgers. Think about the jobs you've had and what you've taken away from them. 4) Be persistent. When you're unemployed job-searching IS your full-time job, you should treat it as such. Spend as much time as possible collecting, filling out and turning in applications. Once you've turned it in call back and check on the status of your application. Sometimes being persistent and calling back could be just what you need to land that interview. 5) Know the Manager's Name. When you call back to check on your application you should know the name of the hiring manager. Developing a relationship with the manager before you are hired can boost your chances of finding a job. When you can talk to the manager and are on a first name basis with them your resume/application stands out of the pile. You're not just another name on a piece of paper now you're that person who always comes in and says hi. 6) Know the company you're applying for. Yes, when it comes to serious job searching you need to do a little research. If you see a place that's hiring, but you don't know anything about them, look into it. Having a general knowledge of the company can help you when it comes to applications and the interview. Often times the manager assumes you know who the company is and what they do, and you should! 7) When possible apply in person. Nothing makes an application stand out more than being able to put a face to the name. Always ask for the hiring manager. This is the person who is going to be looking through the endless stacks of applications. Talk with them a little bit and make sure they know your name. Now when they're going through the applications they'll see your name and have a face to go along with it. 8) Make that interview count. Once you've landed the interview you've got a foot in the door. Dress appropriately for the position for which you've applied. Arrive 15 minutes early to show them that you're punctual. Avoid excessive use of the words "um" and "uh". When you can't think of what to say take your time in thinking of an answer so that you don't blurt out something that doesn't really make sense. Stay calm, if you've made it this far, they obviously have an interest in you. 9) Map out a plan of attack. Plan out which places you're going to apply to and when. You can either do this by location (i.e. I'm going to apply at all shops in this shopping center today) or by category (i.e. I'm going to apply to all the fast food restaurants in my area today). Do what works for you, but mapping out where you're going to go helps you know which areas you've covered and which ones you have left. 10) Avoid Scams. Any job posting that seems to be trying to grab your attention or sell their company to you is usually a scam. You should be trying to convince the company that they need you not the other way around. By the way any job that asks you for money up front is a scam! Don't get caught up in these they're a waste of time.
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25 Jul 09
I am about to graduate,good luck to me!!