How much Tacos can you eat??

July 25, 2009 3:04am CST
everyuytime i go to tacobell in that states i have never heard someone ordered just one taco lol i mean i always hear can i have 6 tacos and 2 burittos im like wth lol but eventually i got hooked now if and when i go to taco bell i order a minimum of 5 tacos, but what interested me is how many tacos or buritos can one human being eat?? Plz pray tell lol
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• United States
25 Jul 09
I usually get 2 or 3 tacos. I love Taco Bell's tacos. I get the hard, crunchy ones, with just meat and lettuce... and of course a Pepsi ;) I won't be able to have hard tacos or Pepsi for a few years, and now this discussion is making me crave them... thanks a lot. I'm just kidding lol. When I get burritos, I order 1 or 2, because they're more filling than the tacos. How many I order, depends on how empty my stomach is at the time. I know, some people can really eat a lot...
• Jamaica
26 Jul 09
hahaha i'm sorry lol but i just love tacos also they are so great i love going to the cashier and say can i get 8 tacos please and she sauys just for you lol hahahaha i love tacos, and talking about buritos i could eat those all day with hot sauce i think after this comment im going to get a couple lol i would offer you but there is no persi lol hahahaha happy mylotiing my taco loving friend