I feel that my life is soo BORING!!!

July 25, 2009 4:59am CST
most of the time i feel my life is so boring. before i feel that i live in a circle that no side to go. and now i feel that i am inside of the triangle at least there are sides to go. still i missed lot of things to be happened. and now i can see and feel that i can't rich the life that i dreamed about to live and feel and I'm sure that can't be the person who wants to be. How are you going to be prepared in life? How can you accept that most of your dream will not come true? PRAY? i always pray. what kind of prayer would it be? as i say I am bored.
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• United States
28 Jul 09
You're not the only one that feels their life is boring. I feel mine is pretty boring. I don't really do much besides work, stay at home, clean, that kind of thing. I'd really like to do something else for a change, like do something fun. Go to the movies more often, take trips, that kind of thing. It seems like it would be a better way of life than how boring my life is now. Then again, I'm so busy I'm not sure how it would be possible to make my life more fun without going absolutely crazy.
• Philippines
28 Jul 09
i think this life is very fun. i think we just need to find how to dance of life music... I don't how or when we can dance and what is the move of this music.. If you can find what is the music is and how to dance tell me!!!! Every time it's come to my mind everything is negative.. this is not really good coz i don't know what is the out put of this negative mind. but in math negative + negative= positive what i mean for now i think very negative result to me and for him.. but i feel at the end of it there is a positive effect for both of us... i think you don't understand this, or I am talking to my self again.. this is how i felt life is boring OH! not boring we change that life is FUN!!! for a change.. thanks for your response!!!!!
• United States
10 Aug 09
well umm it is very sad to know most of the dreams i dream will never come true but i know i will try as hard as i can until one does. thats all i ever wanted and i don't care if i get it all as long as i get some i think i will be alright. and yeah i think its funny i'm not really religious but i believe in praying and hoping if there is someone out there just please let this happen. and if your bored you can always chat with me just add me sometime.