Max earning from mylot or online earning

November 13, 2006 3:25am CST
Hi guys, care to share with me how much have u guys make from mylot or online earning...can you really use it as a main income??? Any good source to introduce ??
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@navinshan (3940)
• Canada
13 Nov 06
Follow my tips and you can earn approximately $2.50 a day which is what I'm averaging (hey except for my first day but I was learning!:D) please feel free to use these tips to increase your earnings, please respond with your thoughts and whether they make a difference 4 u... 1. Respond in posts not comments. 2. Comment back to ALL responses to your discussions. 3. Tag all your responses with AS many words as possible 4. Answer a wide variety of topics. 5. Answer questions with no response (see brain busters) 6. Apply plus ratings to everyone 7. When you reply in posts write a minimum of 4 lines and don't babble, make quality replies. 8. Keep discussions going. 9. Make freinds that can help you out. 10. Aim for over 50 posts per day to different discussions to make and maintain at least 10 new topics per day- obviously they wont all take off but thats why you need to post sooo many.
• Singapore
16 Nov 06
thanks for your reply :)
@brentjh (679)
• Namibia
13 Nov 06
If you had thousands of referalls chatting away merily every day for the rest of time, then yes. Otherwise, the answer sadly is no. There are no quick was to make money on the Internet my friend. I don't post here for the money at all. i only post if there is something that really Interests me. If you want to make money online, start a good site that sells something and promote the site, get listed on search engines which deliver your site targeted traffic. That is the only key - and it is long hard work.
• Singapore
14 Nov 06
i guess there is no easy money, you are correct...the easiest way is just work hard and find more referrals