Season Finale 3 A let Down

@LevysLuv (238)
United States
July 25, 2009 10:23pm CST
I wasn’t able to watch season 3 of Dexter because we couldn’t afford Showtime any longer. Well this month my provider is giving us Showtime free for a month as a “thank you” for having their service. So thanks to video on demand I got to see season 3 of Dexter from beginning to end. I managed to watch the whole season in 3 days. Hehe Any way I was really disappointed in the way season 3 ended. Am I the only one? I liked the storyline with Miguel; I think they could have dragged it into next season if they wanted but that last show was just to flat to me. Plus I’m personally getting real sick of Rita. I actually miss Lila from season two. Am I alone in this?
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6 Mar 11
Although Season 3 is far from the train-wreck many viewers often make it out to be, I felt that it was a very weak season overall, and fell even flatter considering it had to continue the intense momentum of the second season. My personal issue with S3 was Miguel Prado. I thought he was an amazing character and the actor played his part brilliantly, but they just failed to flesh him out enough and turn him into a genuine monster. It was a terrible move on the writer's behalf to off him in the penultimate episode and toss in the Skinner for the season finale, a character who was built up with such laziness.
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27 Dec 10
I thought season 3 was pretty good. I thought they ended it perfectly the way they killed Miguel, if they had him on any longer it would have been dragging it on too long and people would become uninterested. I didn't mind Rita too much this season.... in season 4 is when I hated her...