Working on sunday

July 26, 2009 5:28am CST
Are you working on sunday? How do you feel working on sunday? Is it your first job? When you applied did you know that you have work on sunday? Me i sometimes have work on sunday it is very tiring but i need to :(.
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@mhae15 (744)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
Yes I still do works even on Sundays. I still do all my online works even on Sundays. But if you where referring to real off line job I don't have any job yet because I'm still studying. Thank you zeushi for responding to my discussions. Happy mylotting friend.
• Philippines
9 Aug 09
You have many work here online mhae? that is so great study and having a part time work here on the net on the same time. Do you have plans of finding work besides internet? :D Or you earn a lot already in here? :D
• China
26 Jul 09
sometimes..i feel is not's my first job.i don't know my wrok on sundany.
• Philippines
26 Jul 09
I see, but well there are really some company who do work on sundays :(
• Indonesia
20 Dec 09
yesss... sometimes. It depends on what i felt at that time. if i had a bad mood, it must be soooo boring. otherwise, if i was in a good mood, it must be exciting.
@oyenkai (4396)
• Philippines
15 Dec 09
I'm lucky enough to have a school-time work hours. I work during the weekdays and get the weekends off. I know it's hard to come in during the weekends because everybody else is bumming around at that time - also, a 6-7 working day is too much. I probably wouldn't mind coming to work on the weekends if it would mean that I have my two consecutive breaks within the week. At least that means there'd be lighter traffic on the road and such. Right?