Are materialistic things really giving us happiness?

July 26, 2009 11:08am CST
From the time we wake up in the morning till midnight, we are running behind materialistic things just to make us feel good. We run behind money,luxuries, best things, good clothes,drugs, delicious food, high status, pubs, clubs, and lot more, but are we really getting happiness out of these. Are these things really give us happiness that last forever or just a while as long as there place is not taken by some other stuff. Then what actually is there that can give us happiness, peace and reason to live?
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• Philippines
27 Jul 09
material things do give us a reason to be happy.we feel satisfied and accomplished when we acquire the best things and lots of money.we feel secure knowing that we have money saved in a bank when we lose our jobs.we feel appreciated when our peers compliment our nice clothes,car,or big house.while material things does make out life comfortable,it doesn't necessarily make our life very happy.we will be happy if we share our material wealth with our loves ones and those in need.
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@jeg2315 (197)
• United States
27 Jul 09
Happiness is subjective and relative. Material things can, do and should give people happiness - but it has to do more with the concept of ownership and control over those things, than the actual things themselves. Sure, we might enjoy certain things over others, but that is a product of our social experiences and preferences, rather than the inherent qualities of the "things" themselves. And, status isn't a material thing, it is a social relationship.
• United Arab Emirates
27 Jul 09
I think this is a very good discussion. Personally don't think we can get rid of materalism. Our hunger often remains unsatisfied, Sad really, but we are all part of the circle and there's isn't an alternative unless maybe if one gives up all riches, fame, fortune or whatever one has and hits the street as a beggar or vagabond. But they too need clothes and a comfy bed to sleep on hence they aren't entirely unmaterialistic either.
• India
27 Jul 09
Studies show that living in material poverty can cause unhappiness. (No surprise there) But once you reach a level of relative comfort, the happiness value of more money or luxury goods drops away fast. he things that form the core of a good happy life for most people appear be good basic standard of living, something to do that you consider worthwhile, something to believe in, like a religion or a cause and to belong to and be accepted by a peer group or community. It seems to be the good old fashioned values. Paris Hilton is going to be SO disappointed....eventually.