Is there VCR still using by people?

United States
July 26, 2009 9:00pm CST
The debut of DVD player is a huge success for the consumer market and movie rental markets. From the transition from cassette video to DVD disc is a huge. Now, we all adapted to digital. Our cable TV; television set; and computer of course are literally digital. If you have chance run into blockbuster stores, there are all DVD disc, and you won't see any cassette video ever displayed there. So, I just wonder if there is people still keep their VCR and cassette? That should be an antique collection for witness of transition of digital world.
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• Malaysia
8 Aug 09
now hardly i can find a vcr or cassette video. i do have both vcd player and dvd player, but i do not own a vcr. last time my father had it, i remember it is quite bulky in size and the image is not clear.
• United States
9 Aug 09
klwheretogo, I have a dvd player that has a vcr in it too. I can still use my old vcr tapes. If you go to yard sales or flea markets then you might be able to find some good movies on vcr. People are selling their vcr tapes because you can't get them any more. Check it out.
• India
9 Aug 09
VCR is now outdated ,hardly find VCR player.In older days it is very big thing to have a VCR player at my native.Now it is a memory.
@dlr297 (5411)
• United States
27 Jul 09
I have a lot of vcr movies so i still use my vcr, but ialso have a dvd player so i can enjoy watching the new movies.