School canteen

July 26, 2009 10:26pm CST
How is your kid's school canteen? Do you trust that the food provided are nutritional enough at the cost they sell it? Would you allow your kid to buy food from the canteen or would you pack their food for them? Does your kid's school canteen sell junk food like chips/sweets etc.? Should we take concrete steps to ensure the school canteen serves better food?
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29 Jul 09
My childs school has a healthy menu which is supplied to you at the beginning of term. it works on a three week rota. There are healthy meals but do have chips on the menu. I also found when my son had hot dinners that he chose the same thing everyday and they never questioned it with him (it is a small school), then they wouldn't let him out to play until he had eaten all of his dinner. I never force my children to eat everything, just make sure they have eaten some and explain to them that they will have nothing else if they do not eat an adequate amount. I think if you force a child to eat then they can lead to later problems with food. I then had to put him on a packed lunch as he was getting upset and had to go in to the school to explain if he didn't eat all of his packed lunch to leave him and I would deal with it. The majority of times he comes out with an empty packed lunch box!
• Malaysia
31 Jul 09
Yeah...agree there is no point forcing them to eat! Good though that your method works well with your son!
@kcoregon (303)
• United States
27 Jul 09
Well I think my children's school has a good menu plan. It always offers a salad bar filled with fruits and vegetables for them to choose from. At home I have always stressed good nutrition to my kids and I feel this has helped them to make good choices for school lunch. I have visited them at lunch time before and I found that often the school lunch was healthier than the home brought lunches. Many home lunches were packed with cookies, chips, convenience foods, juice boxes, etc. Whereas the school provided oranges, apples, salads, corn, green beans, etc. Also a choice of milk, chocolate milk, or water. If we lived in an area that did not have a great menu I would definitely pack their lunch every day. I already pack their lunch most days but will let them have a school lunch once or twice in a month. I pack lunch because it can be cheaper this way but let them buy a milk from the cafeteria.
• Malaysia
27 Jul 09
Wow....your kid's school canteen sure sounds great....but can understand the cost. are quite right....sometimes home packed lunches are worse off. By the way....where are you from?