harry potter and the half blood prince.

July 27, 2009 5:29am CST
I am going to watch harry potter and the half blood prince tomorrow. What can you say about this movie? I just wanted to know if its worthy to watch. Is it good just like the other harry potter series???
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@laurahen (596)
• Canada
28 Jul 09
If you have read the harry potter books then you will really enjoy the whole movie. I read all the books and completely loved the movie! They did focus on the romance in the movie more then the actual plot but it was really funny. I was laughing out loud way more then once. Ron does a really good job and he's so funny! It was just a little disappointing that they did not put in all of the plot details but i still loved it!
• Philippines
28 Jul 09
I am really a fanatic of this saga,, I always see to it to watch this film on a big screen on its first day but sadly gonna watch this latest harry potter on saturday... coz of some important thins to do. Im expecting that this latest movie is abig hit although its only landed at number 2 still this movie is such a bravo movie to watch for... so Ill go for it,,, gonna watch on saturday.. be back here for more comments to go...
• China
23 Aug 09
I'm very excited about new movie of Harry Potter...one of my favourite movie..I will watching 1st day 1st show and I have got the tix...very excited can't wait for tommorow
@divkris (1156)
• India
27 Jul 09
Harry potter and the half blood prince is a good visual treat to all those who love the harry potter series. The computer graphics is simply outstanding and is a treat to our eyes. But if you are a keen follower of the book then you may be disappointed as there are a few scenes that have not been included in teh movie. But i loved it and hope you too do :)
• Indonesia
31 Jul 09
The movie itself i liked....not suprise, no like movie previously...at this series, frequently tell about teen-age harry and his friend.
@tessrow (92)
• United States
27 Jul 09
I thought the effects were brilliant, and while it didn't stick exactly to the plot of the novel, the storyline was really effective as well. And seriously, who doesn't love Harry, Ron and Hermione? I think it's well worth your time and money, though it does run a bit long.
@99Dartz (28)
• Indonesia
4 Aug 09
I think Harry Potter and half blood prince could be the best of any series of Harry Potter. There's so many riddles and the plot was unpredictable. Go and watch it you'll love it