Gives purest tastiest water but wastes more water - Eureka Forbes Reviva

July 27, 2009 6:09am CST
Hi All, Lot of water is wasted!!! This model is too good, as it gives the clearest, purest & tastiest water. The water is as good as the mineral water! But one big disadvantage to this model is it wastes lot of water. To fill a glass of water in the storage tank, the purifier throws out 75% of water as waste!! Also, the screws at the base of the container are very flimsy n delicate. After a couple of mounts using this product, water starts leaking from the base. So, overall the place around the filter resembles a small swimming pool ! But still I would suggest my friends to buy this product since it gives good drinking water, and with a little careful handling of the filter, you can reap the benefit to the fullest extent!
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