1 job, 100 seekers!!!

July 27, 2009 6:43am CST
Hello All, In India 65% of population below 35!!! In a developed country with a population of few crores, thats an asset!! But are we in the same league. How can a country provide jobs for so many people. (Of course many would be self-employed). But with so many students graduating every year, where are jobs for people in industries, tech, etc. The boom in jobs in the last few years was mostly created by IT. (which by the way is dependent on US of A and others). Where are jobs in mechanical, civil(almost dead), etc. And on top of that, the cream of tech wants to follow the drain of brain!! With almost half million engineers coming out of college every year, we need recruitment capabilities 4-5 of TCS/Infy (in their prime)every year!!! Thanks to our awesome Government, past and present, we will continue to generate better unemployment rates, poverty!!!!
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@sblossom (2169)
27 Jul 09
i think it's a global problem, just in developing countries it's more serious. India and China are two countries that have too many new labors coming to the human resourse market, but the credit crunch made the market shrunk. so new comers have big difficulty to find a job. it would cause a lot of social problems. if young people could not find a job when they start their career, it would affect their all life. some criminal issue would increse too. wish the crisis is coming over soon. the situation you mentioned would be disappear or down.
@maximax8 (29134)
• United Kingdom
27 Jul 09
There must be lots of college graduates in India that are all looking for a job now they are qualified. I phoned my laptop company and my call went to Bangalore. The employee talked to me about the problem I had with my laptop. So many companies are now based in India and employ the local people. It is sad that unemployment numbers are high. Without a job poverty is a certainty in India. I hope the employment situation will improve.