what is your BEATIFULnightmare? does this exist? lol.

July 27, 2009 11:18am CST
actually i just heard this from beyonce's song "Sweet dreams". i wonder does anybody experience this beatiful nightmare? how can we called it as beautiful when it is actually a nightmare? or maybe it started with sweetdreams and turned into nightmare? but where's the beauty there? lol. well, lemme share something, i dunno if we can called tis a beautiful nightmare- my dreams started like tis. my boyfriend was proposing to me infront of a huge crowd, he have this bouquet of flowers and petals are scattered everywhere on the left side you can see my family holding lots of white roses and on the other side is his family holding white roses too. the place was all white including the band, the ribbons and there was love birds and doves too. the place was so nice that from the start he kneels down i was crying and crying and crying, then he asked the question " will u marry me?" and when im about to say yes- he stood up and hugs me tight. and told me " iam sorry i cant do this" i love somebody else. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! that was the end of the beautiful nightmare! huhuhu. how sad. how bout yours? lemme hear it. :)
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