At what age should you start dating?

July 27, 2009 8:45pm CST
My parents were really never very strict about this, but I was a pretty responsible teenager too. I had my first boyfriend when I was 16 and I thought that was pretty late in comparison to my friends at the time. So my question to you what age did you start dating? What do you think is the average age one should start?
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@terozua (45)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 09 1st date i think is when i'm for if if we're start have a date at 16, it quite reasonable...
• New Zealand
28 Jul 09
Hmmm im 20 and I've never been on a date. Anyhow I think 16 is a reasonable age to wait till before dating. I was a parent I wouldn't want my children dating before this age. At the age of 16 most teenagers are responsible enough and mature enough to take on the commitment that is dating. At the same time I think that many children grow up too fast and that there is alot of pressure to date someone in highschool. It was sad to see so many of my friends desperate to date any boy who would go out with them. Boys were just mere accessories to them. In conclusion if the child/teen is mature enough and lets their parents know about everything that goes on e.g where they will be on a date, and with whom they are going ect.. and there is a real connection between the couple in question there should be no issue.