how far can you go just to get your happiness?

July 28, 2009 7:30am CST
can you give up everything so that you can get your happiness? do you have limitations to get
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• South Africa
28 Jul 09
there are No limitations for happiness. And the trick is ,everybody is always waiting for some-one or some-thing to make them "happy". But the truth is Nobody can make YOU happy BUT yourself.If you cant make yourself happy,than you WILL never be trully happy.its called loving yourself .
@sybil02 (185)
• Philippines
28 Jul 09
You said it right, I also think that loving oneself can lead to many things, you become satisfied with what life brings you in that sense you become happier each day. We just have to love ourselves first before we could love others.
@dlindsay (18)
• United States
29 Jul 09
It depends on what your idea of happiness is. If material possesions equate to happiness for you then you cannot give every"thing" up. If family and love make you happy then giving everything up for them would be plausible. Personally, I find there's a delicate balance between possessions/money and love/family. I must have things to survive in this world, but my family is the most important thing to me. I do have limitations and would it would take a very extreme situation for me to cross them.
• China
29 Jul 09
Happiness always comes first in my life,though i often have no way to get.And i do want to been abroad and study overseas but i can't afford me,which makes me feel so unhappy. And i have a lot of limitations that stops me realizing my dream and that is what i can't change all by myself now!But i don't quit my dream and i can go far with my hard work! It is worth to give up something in order to get happiness,but it is impossible and unrealistic to feel happy when you give up anything.
@mrakobesie (1246)
• United States
28 Jul 09
i'll do anything for my happiness as long as is doesn't hurt others too much... though there is one thing i can't do, i can't move back to the middle east because i swore that i'd do my best to help those who need it, unfortunately my help is most needed here now :(
@tessl87 (126)
• Singapore
28 Jul 09
hmmm i won't give up anything for happiness. Cause i know i will definitely not feel happy if i have nothing(haha. But i am a practical person).. As long as you think happy, then you are happy. That's what i feel and i am happy most of the time..