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@andyliuzn (1029)
Guangzhou, China
July 28, 2009 8:21am CST
In fact, I got the new job almost 5 months ago, and I still call it a new job since I stil not so much get used to everything here. It's true that the payment is better and I could get quite some other good treatment here, the point is I couldn't spend much time with my family any more since I need to fly to other provinces almost every week, though could stay at home during the weekend. What's worse, I need to do everything myself alone and no assistants to help me any longer. Well, all in all ,it's Okay, but I think I should have a better thought if I should stay here for long .
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• India
29 Jul 09
Yes, we cant get everything at one place, its so unfair. My hubby too had a job which required frequent traveling and staying at places for a few days at one go…none of us liked it and then he started looking for other jobs and now he has one where he can stay at home but the job is not secure at all. So again he’s on the lookout…I sure hope you can soon find a job which would make you happy in all respects.
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@andyliuzn (1029)
• Guangzhou, China
3 Aug 09
Thank you, and I think everything is going to be fine if I believe it could be fine.:) good luck
@jacksong (130)
25 Aug 09
My current job is not like yours, I need to always stay in the office, there almost no chance to go for a travel, i feel i don't like this now, and are trying to get a new nob different, but in the declined economy today, finding a good job is so hard. I have delivered many resumes on the internet, but few responds.god!
• China
29 Jul 09
Except fly to other provinces almost every week,I think it is a good job to stay long,treatment will let you make progress and better payment is all thing. One of my brother is unsatisfied about his work and resign,but he find hard to get another good job in flagging economy currently,so perhaps stay is better.
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