How important Google page rank is, and how to improve it?

Not-existing blog post on the first page of Google - Screenshot of Google search results. Google lists a deleted blog post. The actual blog post is not listed at all, because the blog where it is published, has no page rank.
@kiiizu (1901)
July 28, 2009 11:08am CST
Yesterday I had a chance to find out - it is VERY important. I have two blogs, one of them is on my profile page, the other is new, I started it in March. The blog on my profile page, Make Some Free Money, has a page rank, if it is only 1 at the moment, but the other, Best Net Biz hasn't. Yesterday I when I wrote a new post to Best Net Biz, I by accident choose Make Some Free Money from the same dashboard. I published the post, and only then discovered I was in the wrong place. I made a copy, published it to my other blog, where it belonged, deleted the post from Make Some Free Money, and forgot about the story. In the evening, though, I googled a bit, to find out what have the others wrote to the same subject. With the keywords I used, my blog post was on the first page but alas, it didn't exist anymore... My actual post on not ranked blog wasn't there. Today, before starting this discussion I tried to search again, with the almost the same keywords, just used "earning" instead of "earnings". My not-existing post is on the first place, my actual post isn't there at all. Now my task #1 seems to be to get my second blog ranked. Please, give me some advices how to do it the fastest way! To run it in TEs? Comment as many blogs/posts of others as possible?
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