Shar-pai's are a one person dog!

United States
July 28, 2009 11:30am CST
My Shar-pai is called Wrinkles because I can't pronounce his full show name. He was willed to me by a friend when he passed away. I've known Wrinkles since he was a very small puppy and we had always gotten along. It took about a month before Wrinkles realized that he had a new master. During that month he was very difficult to control! He would chew through his lead and roam around town until he ended up at his old home. He frequently growled at me and tried to be dominate. He would not eat nor drink (unless he happened upon an open can of beer). When he finially realized that I was his new master his personality completely changed. He was a very loving companion and followed me everywhere. I could walk him without a leash because he would never go more than three feet away from me. He was also very protective of me. If my wife yelled at me he would get between us and growl at her. If I told him to lay down or stay he happily obeyed. Whenever I had to go away on business he would stay by the front window watching for my return. He would not do anything my wife or sons asked of him. During one of my absences he even bit one of the boys. However, when I was home he would play with he and that boy and never even nip at him. I've got pictures of my son sucking on the dogs ears while sitting on him and the dog is tolerating it. I enjoy taking Wrinkles for walks because he doesn't pull when he is on a leash (the law now!). I'm really going to miss him when he's gone. He is now more than 13 years old and Shar-pais don't live long. Anyone else have a Shar-pai?
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@kareng (20184)
• United States
28 Jul 09
Sounds like you inherited a little character! I'm glad he finally accepted you as his new master and that you have bonded so well! I love the name Wrinkles, it is really fitting for that kind of dog. I don't have a Sharpai--I have mini dachshunds :) Have a nice day!