Which part of your body you don't satisfy the most?

July 29, 2009 3:01am CST
Good day, dear mylotters, As we all know, we are who we are, we can't decide what we look like, the monent we bron, we have our look. Now, let me know aswer you a question, which part of your body you like the most? To me, i will say my face, many people attracted by my smile. But, i don't satisfy with my hands, my hands and fingers look like a grandmom's. I really hope i can have the beautiful finger like those stars.. What's your story? Thank you for sharing.
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@laedyan (189)
• Philippines
29 Jul 09
Hi there. I can say that i'm satisfied with my smile also since people always love it. I'm not satisfied though with my height and weight. I'm not that tall and my weight is somewhat bothersome for me because i tend to eat a lot. I've tried going to the gym but i didn't make it that long because of laziness. So now, i'm trying to just exercise when i feel like doing. I know its a bad habit but i just can't help it. I'm not also satisfied with my complexion since i have a brown complexion so i'm doing remedies like putting up whitening lotions.
@Janetx3 (441)
• Singapore
29 Jul 09
For me, i wish that my nose can be sharper, and the iris of my eyes can become lighter in colour. I also wish to have healthy skins, because i have sensitive skin that will get pimples easily no matter how hard i try to keep it clean and stuff. I also wish to become taller, i am short for my age. :/