I am fed up...with One cent tasks

July 29, 2009 4:47am CST
Hello,My lot buddies,Good Morning....I am really fed up with these one cent tasks.. getting paid for one click, posting the discussions or completing the tasks or something like that..the tasks do not utilize any intelligence or other skills.Ofcourse, it requires enormous patience...and yeah I think I dont have any patience left now( atleast, at this moment, it looks like that). [btw :I have also tried the Mturk thing where there are tasks to the range of 25$ to 30$ but these are highly skilled jobs.]. Now I am looking for tasks which require a certain skills from me but are also good paying.In essence, I dont mind working but then it should be justified.What do u say ?
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@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
29 Jul 09
I have to agree that there are many sites that will take advantage of our skills and not pay the going rate. It seems this is because there are very desperate people out there who will do anything for next to nothing, that puts us in a vulnerable position. Wouldnt it be lovely if we all stood together and said "up yours" to the entire internet, until it woke up and cleaned up its act. MAKE them pay us fairly. Nice subject, thanks
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• India
29 Jul 09
Hello Ritz100 ,thanks a lot my friend..suddenly I felt as if I am sharing with a long time buddy of mine..yeah I agree with U...we are exploited just like anything..so we need to really unite.. right ?...have a nice day..bye