Business suit is your favorite? Is it necessary?

@sutent (1060)
July 29, 2009 6:45am CST
Hi, Today, our CEO and his delegation visit our center. All our colleagues were required to dress with business suit. SO many persons dressed same style clothes, dark suit. Do you experience that scene? And business suit is your favorite? Is it necessary to be dressed with in some formal occasions? Look forward to your response. Happy mylotting!
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• Philippines
29 Jul 09
Well, I guess dressing up depends on the actual situation. I don't wear a suit since I'm not a guy but I dress up depending on the event. I think men in suit looks real clean and decent. I guess if you were required to dress up with a suit because of a big meet with your companies CEO and his delegation then I guess it is proper to do so.
@sutent (1060)
• China
29 Jul 09
Hi, Yes, you are right. Dress up with s suit make a man look clean and decent. But I am still not adated myself with situation that so many persons dress up with one style suit. It looks some strange to me, as i have experience the scene many times. But before this time, they all dressed up with white clothes, as i was a doctor. Happy mylotting!
@goldeneagle (6774)
• United States
29 Jul 09
I actually posted a discussion here on Mylot about this very topic not long ago. The whole "business suit" thing is a tired old fashion statement that should be discarded for the most part, ESPECIALLY the tie. What is the purpose of a necktie? All they do is get in your way when you are trying to eat, and they can even be sucked into paper shredders and other equipment if you are not careful. SO, I ask, why does society still insist that ties still be worn. It is possible to look good without wearing the whole suit and tie thing. I would much rather wear a nice pair of pants and nice collared shirt, and perhaps just add a sports coat or other type of dressy coat when I needed to look a little more formal.