When you say NO, do you always mean NO? or are you easily swayed to YES?

@laydee (12809)
July 29, 2009 7:35am CST
There are times when I'm firm with my decisions, but there are other times when I tend to be swayed to the other. I don't know, perhaps I need convincing, else I'd stick to my first decision. Are you final when you decide? or is there a chance for you to change your mind?
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• United States
30 Jul 09
Hi, laydee! Only very rarely, and in unusual circumstances, could I be persuaded to change from a no to a yes. I don't say no unless I've given the situation quite a bit of thought, so it generally stays a no.
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• Lithuania
29 Jul 09
it is depence on situation. sometimes i really say no if im not shure or i can not decide :) but sometimes no chance to change my mind and as much will ask i will say no if i do not like it.. happy myloting
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• Philippines
29 Jul 09
it depends on who you spoke with. most westerners are straightforward while asians are not.
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