July 29, 2009 2:33pm CST
Okay, so people have kissed other people mainly to show their affections towards other people. Do you think that there is deeper connection between people when they kiss or is it just lips and tong working? So, how do you like to do it? Do you like most gentle kiss on lips or passionate french kisses? Do you do lip locks? What kind of kissing you enjoy most? And what kind of situations you think are best and most comfortable for kissing? I have had a couple of those just look into eyes and both know that now it is the time. They have been my most enjoyable kisses i have gotten and, yeah, nothing beats that feeling.. When you can feel someones breathing, her heartbeats, and just look into her eyes passionately.. And then it just happens. Have you had those movie kisses? Im really eager to read your opinion about this art of kissing.
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@summist (22)
• China
30 Jul 09
oh, i think kiss is the best feeling ihe the world. when we look into other eyes,i can see myself in her eyes and it is more beautiful then mirror. most time i like slowly move to my girlish, kiss her softly.kiss is not only a action but a feeling,a love language.