What is the Bible's view on Tatoos?

July 29, 2009 9:17pm CST
Many persons have tatoos of all sorts of things such as flowers, animals or even their names. But have you ever wondered what is the Bible's view on tatoos? Yes the Bible does say something about it. This is at Leviticus 18:28. There it states that a person must not make cuts in their flesh for someone who has died and must not also put a tatoo marking on themselves. So this goes to show that the bible is also very much up to date with all the latest fads of today. Please tell me your views on this.
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@jellymonty (2354)
30 Jul 09
Personally I hate tatoos and will never understand why somebody in their right mind would put themselves through that torture. The bible clearly states that as you have put it and well what more is there to say? If God puts a law it is our duty to obey as he knows much more than we do so I go with the bible view, no tatooes, period.
• Uruguay
30 Jul 09
Sometime when I walk down the road I will see persons with tatoos and think to myself that it looks good. But remember that sometimes the bad may look better that the good and that can cause a person to drift to doing the wrong thing.
• Philippines
30 Jul 09
I agree with you. The bible and its principles are always relevant for life. It does not and will never change with the times. Christians should not be dictated upon by fads but by what God commands in His word. Even if tattoos are IN but if God clearly says it is taboo, it is best that we obey His commands. "The body is a temple of the Holy Spirit." We should not do anything to deface the Spirit's temple.