Ovary removal

July 29, 2009 10:25pm CST
I had my right ovary and tube removed today. Also had an ablation done. All my pain and cuts are on my left side. I would think that the right side would at least hurt a little considering that is the side that was removed.. Please tell my about your experiences on the surgery
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30 Jul 09
I had a tubal pregnancy where my left tube ruptured, They had to remove part of the tube, but was able to repair it, I also had to have 2 blood transfusions, one during surgery and one after because they didnt give me enough the first time, I ended up bleeding internally for about 1 week and lost 1000 ccs of blood... I am lucky to be alive today!!! Im not sure what kind of surgery you had, I had a lapascopy (dont know if i spelled that right) where they went in at 3 spots, my left side, my belly button, and on my 'bikini line', all very small incisions. Even though they were small, they felt like much bigger incisions and the one on my bikini area felt like they had actually reopened my c-section area. It was very painful. I why you would feel all of the pain on your right side if it was the left side that was worked on though. Good Luck with your recovery, I know how long and painful the process is!