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United States
July 30, 2009 6:36am CST
How many of you out there have older family members that you are concerned about? I am beginning to worry about my father. He is 78 years old and a diabetic. He lives by himself most of the time. I have a brother that was living with him for a time. I worry that he is being taken advantage of by my brother. He was suppose to live with him for a while until he could could get resettled with his new job. It was suppose to be just him. Next thing you know his 21 year old son was there and then his girlfriend and their baby. There was 4 of them living with my father and one had a crack habit and the other had sticky fingers. You couldn't leave anything out when they were around because it would go missing. They weren't paying him anything to stay there or helping out with expenses. He had to asked them to leave because he couldn't take it anymore. I write out his bills for him so I saw some of the expenses they left him with. I try to talk to him about letting people take advantage of him and he gets mad. He gets all upset about everything going on and calls me. When I get involved and try to take care of the problem he ends of getting mad. He would have never allowed some of the things that are going on even just a couple of years ago. I need some help, if you have any solutions please let me know.
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• India
30 Jul 09
The best option for all these types of problems, is you just bring him to your place and look after him after all he is your dad. In India parents are always taken care of by their sons, elder being the first to take care, if he is not there, if he has settled out of country, then its the next sons duty like on and so on. If there are no sons then it will be the daughters duty to take over
• United States
31 Jul 09
Thank you for your comment. I would do that if he would come. He says he wants to stay at home as long as he can. He wants his space as long as he can take care of himself. I check on him everyday and make sure he is ok. It just makes me mad that my brother takes advantage of him.