Teacher order print paper to my kid out side the school....

@fchalida (196)
July 30, 2009 7:59am CST
two days ago, when i waiting my kid to enter the classroom, suddently a teacher order my kid ( 7 years), to print the paper in outside the school, the print shop in beside the street. You can imagine, it's mean there are many cars, motorcycles in the street. Should i say to the headmaster to tell that teacher? How if my kid get car eccident? How the teacher responsibility about that? Is it daily like that at the school nowdays? always order something to the kids while the teacher laughtings with other teacher, talk gossip? I am very protective to my children, in that time i am very angry, I don't know how to angry with that teacher. How if that happen to you?please help me what i should do?
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@kezabelle (2984)
30 Jul 09
So your child would have had to leave school grounds to do this "errand"? if so yes id be complaining and id demand that my child was never asked to do such an errand ever again. When i send my child to school unless they are on a school trip i do NOT expect them to leave the school premises and certainly not to cross a busy road to run an errand that sounds to me like it should be a teachers responsibilty shame on them!