Panic attacks

Spokane, Washington
July 30, 2009 8:43am CST
good morning everyone, well heres the thing I have big time panic attacks when I leave my house due to IBS,so it is not the normal panic attacks mine consist of every time I leave my home I have to go to the bathroom BAD i get cramps so bad it makes me puke,and I can not use a public bathroom when i get like this..I usually drink a couple beers before I go anywhere because it relaxes me..but I dont have any beer today and I have a doctors appointment for some heart problems I have been having now the ER doctors gave me some Lorazepam and my dad wants me to try to take one of them to go to the doctors but I am nervous,I have never tried taking the Lorazepam to go some where before :( do any of you have panic attacks,and have you tried Lorazepam? if so did it help?
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@meapas (2433)
• India
30 Jul 09
So far I never had this. One reason may be I make myself very normal before stepping out.
• Spokane, Washington
30 Jul 09
What do you mean you make your self very normal?