What do u feel about Ronaldo's transfer to real madrid

July 30, 2009 10:35am CST
I am a die hard MAN U fan.I was feeling hurt by news of Ronaldo's transfer to Real Madrid.He has left the club which has made him to the level that he is now.Its like ditching ur own side.What do u guys feel about this.Have a say guys....
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@pvie05 (28)
• Indonesia
5 Aug 09
yes i feel Ronaldo is traitor, he not make any sense to his fans MU and club has made him to be big Star
@yadu04 (41)
• India
5 Aug 09
ya dude,u r right!
• Brazil
30 Jul 09
I am from brazil and I don't like soccer... Ronaldo is now playing for corinthians... and he is making the team win always... just loose by palmeiras.. ahahahahaha ronaldo is our eheheheh but I can let him go for you :D
30 Jul 09
Think he is talking about the second Ronaldo not the Brazilian one
@den1545 (43)
• United States
4 Aug 09
Real madrid dished out 136m for two players(Kaka,Ronaldo) faster than you can say-'economic meltdown'.Whats really going to be comical,is when Barcelona repeats as champions of La Liga,because they know it's all about chemistry and not some pretty-boy big names.
@99Dartz (28)
• Indonesia
3 Aug 09
Ronaldo already giving signs that he want to move to Madrid since the previous season. But I think his career in Real won't be as bright as when he played with M.U
@Jaxsky (196)
31 Jul 09
I am gutted he left thats for sure, however I used to watch and get angry at him for his moments of God like genius he had plenty of moments of 3yr old tantrums! I think eventually he was actually pulling the team down, hopefully now they will be a more level team working for each other though I think selling Tevez was a bigger mistake! :(
• Indonesia
31 Jul 09
It's great....... and good decision.. why? because madrid already have KAKA from milan.. with their combination i think Madrid will become THe bigger club!!! do imagine? with kaka in middle and ronaldo plus benzema..wow ... i can't waiut to see it.
@mrtimharry (1180)
30 Jul 09
How do you think Sporting Lisbon fans felt when he left for Man U? Or PSV fans when Van Nistelrooy moved? It is the nature of football that players move on. There are very few players left who are one player clubs. Those that do are the games greats, Gerrard, Maldini, Raul.