Reunion Rumours??? WHAT? *SMACK*! *Beware! Here be Ranting!*

July 30, 2009 10:45am CST
SO, apparently there are "reunion rumours" of Rhianna and Chris Brown...what started these rumours? The desperate gossip people who saw them NOT TOGETHER, but eating at DIFFERENT restaurants, across the street form each other....HOW THE HECK DOES THIS INDICATE THEY ARE SECRETLY SEEING EACH OTHER??? They go on further stating, "They're staying at the same hotel, but are so careful with secrecy that they are arriving and leaving in separate cars, aren't seen together, ever. You can tell they're being really careful, what with the restraining order on Chris Brown." ....WHAT? Did you ever think that's it's just coincidence?? They're leaving in different cars, arriving in different cars, gee, sounds like a conspiracy....oh LOOK! They're in different states, they must be seeing each other secretly...AND they're on their phones an awful lot, I guess they're calling each other non-stop because they're so inlove with each other, and he'll NEVER hit her again! BULL-S%&%^&$T!!!! He hit her! Why would she still "love him"? He turned into something she's not familiar with! There is a restraining order! Oh no, he looks so sad! HE SHOULD! LET HIM SUFFER! Why are you gossiping writers encouraging someone who was battered to go back to the same person? All the while when the general public thinks it's horrible for a battered wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband (They get abused too...)to ever return to the one who did that to them, to go to a point so far as to call them stupid to think that the person changed. I'll grant that SOME people do change, but rarely when it is associated with violence....and cheating (Once a cheater, always a cheater). Um...anyone who wants them back together? Do you think they "belong" together? Do you feel sorry for that jerk? Do you hate hearing about it? Do you think it's getting old pretty quick? (I know I do)
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