What kind of Travelling????

@rlaknar (616)
July 30, 2009 12:58pm CST
Hi Mylotters, Everyone of us travel. Travel nearby, farther. I have travelled more probably than 5000 miles in my life through bike, bus, train, boat, cycle, walk and so on. I like travelling in train. I enjoyed train travel a lot . I used those time of travel to interact with new people, making new friends, watching the nature. What mode of travel you like?? Please Share any experience you have during travel.
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@maximax8 (30126)
• United Kingdom
30 Jul 09
I have traveled to 52 different countries so far in my lifetime. The sort of traveling that I like to do is independent traveling. I fly by plane far away and then stay in locally owned accommodation. I then travel around the region by train, bus and ferry. My favorite way to travel is by train. In the day I can enjoy looking out of the window and in the night I can sleep in a comfortable compartment. This year I took my toddler son to South Africa. We explored Cape Town and the Garden Route. Whilst there we saw Table Mountain, watched penguins on the beach and went on a safari for a few hours. My longest trip was around the world when I was 20 to 21 years old. In those days I was a backpacker.
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@greenline (14854)
• Canada
30 Jul 09
I travel a lot too, within my country and also overseas, some times on my holidays and sometimes on business trips. When travelling in the country, I do prefer travelling by train and also by bus. One can enjoy the scenic views along the way, very relaxing. When travelling overseas, I travel by my favorite airlines, those that have convenient departure and arrival times. I have travelled to many countries in different parts of the world.
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