Some people's kids - the good and the bad.

@imsilver (1667)
July 30, 2009 4:11pm CST
My son went swimming last night. While he was in the pool, some kid ripped his lock apart and stole his bike. He was so upset. When he got home, we went to the police station to report it missing. While we were walking there we ran into my boyfriends cousin and asked him to be on the lookout for the bike. Lo and behold, he shows up at our house a couple hours later - WITH THE BIKE!!! He'd seen some kid riding it at the skatepark and asked him where he got it. This other kid BRAGGED about stealing it. I didn't ask for details but he got the bike back and brought it straight to my son. My son was SO thrilled. He'd been pretty depressed about it being stolen because he knew it would be awhile before I could afford to replace it. I'm so glad we got it back.
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• United States
30 Jul 09
I am happy you were able to locate and retrieve your sons bike so quickly! It really bites that there arepeople out there who just think they can help themselves to whatever they want, whenever they want. This is one of the reasons i was so glad to of grown up in a small town, when we went to the park or the pool as kids, we never had to woorry about locking our bikes, we could just park them on the sidewalk or in the bikerack and not really have to worry. Granted, this small town mentality may be a detriment to me as i get older, as i still find myself wanting to believe in the greater good of all people, that people around here really woudln't steal from others, but i do live in a much more populated area now and need to not be so trusting. It is sad, because i don't want to have to not trust people.
@imsilver (1667)
• Canada
31 Jul 09
LOL. I do live in quite the small town. Which I think is the main reason we got it back so fast. Word goes around quickly here. And everyone knows everyone - if not officially in person than at least about them. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, but most of the time it's one of the perks :)
@sam_jr (35)
• India
31 Jul 09
I have noticed that some people kid's are very bad. If i take example of my uncle kids then they are very noty and non sense. And have no sense .. If i go their home they do not quit sit. They always make noise and throw any thing in the air..
@grace118224 (1040)
• China
31 Jul 09
i'm glad that your son has got his bike back . It's cruel that kid's favourite is stolen which really hurt the kids . Parents should bare the responsibility to teach their own kids not to rob, steal,and grab . Then the world would much more peaceful.
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
Glad the bike was returned, but should it be proper to at least report the incident to proper authority and to the parents, and have the kid who stole the bike reprimand, so next time he will have second thoughts of doing the same thing?