How do you see life?

United States
July 31, 2009 12:16am CST
Some people are on the darker side... Example, why am i here, why live when you do not feel alive, or what is the point. Others look on the brighter side of things... Example, smiling over tough times, why not instead of why, or taking things as you go and leaving them behind when they go. I am more for the brighter side of life. I feel if you go for the bright side of things you will see life more clearly. I want to know how you see life. Share the views!(:
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@John4Christ (1598)
• India
2 Aug 09
Well sometimes there comes a point in life where you feel everything is over, you feel that the very purpose for your survival is defeated......and you tend to do things which you should not be doing......and at the end of the day "you are at loss" so I feel that we have to cope with things no matter how bad they seem to may not always be that bright but then you have to atleast allow a ray of light to pass through your life...... I have had many ups and downs in my life, and to be honest I didn't always go for the brighter side, I used to be all by myself sulking over the bad things that happened to me, end of the day I realized that I am not gaining anything out of it.......I am just loosing out on people who look upto me and care for I decided to smile and go ahead with life.......I guess that's how life is supposed to be lived....... Have a cheerful and blessed day !!!!
• United States
2 Aug 09
I use to be the same way. I probably did not realize it as soon as you did, ha ha, but i am now living a better life, so much has changed, and i am glad how i see things. It also helps my mom out too because she use to worry about me night and day. You are completely right, thank you for your response.(:
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
27 Sep 09
Hey, Well my life has been relatively boring, but when it comes to which side I am on, I most of the time always look at the bright side or life. I like to be happy when I can, so I will not be miserable. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!