Do you love eating snack

July 31, 2009 1:19am CST
About two years ago,I love eating snack very much.Many times,snack can be my lunch or supper.As long as I have some pocket money, I will go to the supermarket to buy many snack to eat.When I was watching movies,I like eating snack.When I was boring,I also like to eat snack.But now,as I grow older,I do not like eating snack as before. I do not know why.I just know the feeling is different when I see the snack.Now I do not have the appetite to eat them.And what about you?Do you have the same feeling withe me?Let's share.
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@2babita (1072)
• India
31 Jul 09
The snack is such a temting stuff that everybody likes it,i also fond of it but too much snack is not good for health.When i watch tv or in theatre then i have.Sorry to hear that you dont like anymore bcuz you had so much that now you are disliking.
• China
31 Jul 09
Hi!Thank you for your response.Yes,too much snack is not good for our health.If children eating too much snack,they do not want to eat lunch or supper which is not good for their body development.Now I just lose the appetite for snack,but sometimes I also eat it.Best wishes for you and happy mylotting.
• China
31 Jul 09
My friend,I have the same feeling with you.I've also like eating snacks.As long as I have spare time,I couldn't help eating snacks.But now,I seldom eats snacks.
• China
31 Jul 09
Hi!Thank you for your response.Yes, I alway feel strang why we have that feelings. Maybe we do not have the time for eating snack.Our time is concencrated on other important things.Then advantages of eating less snack is that we can save the money for snack.Actually, eating too much snack is not good for our heath.Happy mylotting.
@EliteUser (3964)
• Australia
27 Sep 09
Hello, Yes of course! I love to eat snacks, many times I am quite hungry in between meals, so instead of having a meal, I would just open up the cupboards and check to see if their is any snacks lying around. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@Iriene88 (5343)
• Malaysia
16 Aug 09
Dear Sylvia, It all depends on the situation. What type of snacks? Where am I? What am I doing? Let say :) If I am in the cinema, I will get some popcorns to eat before the movie start. My family and I will share the same packet of pop corns, that is fun and finish faster too! Sometimes it will be crispy potato chips! If I am travelling overseas with my family. We will get some cashew nuts. potato chips to eat...since travelling is quite rush..we need to fill our stomach with snacks before arriving the place for a proper meal. If during a party or gathering...snacks will be fun to have! Other than that, I do not normally buy is not so healthy and sometimes fattening too. I would rather take a sweet! All the best and hope to hear your views at my latest topic~
• China
14 Aug 09
I like eating snack when I watching TV or doing other things.I like eating snack man or boy!When I see snack in the market,I eager to buy all of them.