People behind bars..

@ysobelle (202)
July 31, 2009 1:33am CST
Do you think these people deserve a second chance ? It depends on a situation, if they are really sorry for what they have done and repent, then, we must give them a second chance to live a good and normal life. But if they commit the same mistakes and doit over and over, there is no way, specially if they murdered many people. Happy mylotting, have a nice day !
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@dex1007 (556)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 09
I saw a movie last week, it was about an indian guy being arrested after the 9/11 because he just happens to take some pictures of the twin tower a few days before the attack. he was locked up, tortured for 9 months. when he got out he tried so hard to build his life. but he was destroyed from the inside, and now had a label on him, that he was in prison. the movie showed how he became a terrorist. I don't know if its a true story, but that movie broke my heart. especially the torture part. I admit there are some very bad people in prison. but there are some people who don't deserve that. You can never really know.
• India
31 Jul 09
yeah..dat was movie NEWYORK...but u got to notice that the guy though was of INDIAN origin he was an AMERICAN by nationality.moreover he was just a suspect.his case wasn proved to be given a second chance..wha do u think..some one comes and blows the pride building of ur city and u let him go giving a second chance??
• India
31 Jul 09
dude..but what abt the person who was killed..can u give him a second chance??if not punished the person will come under impression that he ll be forgiven and may commit it again..dis time he ll be morecareful and may commit leving evidences beyond the intellect of cops..moreover everyone will commit crime once since they are given a second chance....