Cinema Attack!

July 31, 2009 2:05am CST
A women in leeds in the UK was attacked yesterday after telling teenagers next to her in the cinema to be quiet while watching the latest Harry Potter film. The lady was followed after the movie into a restaurunt where she had bleach thrown on her and suffered multiple burns. This is horrible news and has put many people i've spoken too off going to the cinema. While it was a very rare incident, does it put you off going to the cinema?
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31 Jul 09
Although this doesn't put me off going to the cinema, which is a rare occassion anyway, it proves how much things are going down hill in the UK. One of the reasons I stopped going to the cinema was because of people, often teenagers, either talking, throwing food or using mobiles and basically spoiling the movie for those who went to watch. What annoys me more is many cinema's fail to act when there are problems during and a screening and as highlighted in this case if you take matters into your own hands you have to worry about what the consequences may be. Although the severity of this attack is unusual it just shows why many people choose not to speak up when they see something wrong.
@lhendrie (30)
• Indonesia
31 Jul 09
Wow... It is a common thing to tell someone to be quiet at the cinema. Like when I watched in the cinema 2 weeks ago, there was this young lady who make a business phone call. She sat next to me and she was very loud. And some people asked her to be quiet, not just me. I guess it is just a normal thing that people want to be focused with the movie and don't want anyone to be noisy during that time. Either that teenager is so sensitive and have problems, or the lady told the teenager to be quiet in inappropriate way. Bad things happens, but this kind of thing would not make me stop going to cinema.
@roberten (3128)
• United States
31 Jul 09
No, it doesn't deter me from attending the movies but it does make me sad that people can act like this. Teenagers know that bleach can cause serious injuries; there is no excuse for such behavior. The offender should be prosecuted as an adult and made to suffer the concequences for their actions.
• China
31 Jul 09
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