Love And Friendship

@advokatku (4035)
July 31, 2009 2:41am CST
Friendship not love usually although sadistic but our must always ask "thank you" to friendship. Sometime, love asking to friendship, "why you always be there beside me ?" Ago, friendship answer, "for give smile when love give you a sorrow" Someday, love and friend walking at one place .... suddenly love fall in a lake ... Why ? because ... love is blind Then, friend participate fall in a lake too .. Why ? because ... friend will make anything for love In a lake, Love is lost ... Why ? because ... the love is soft, easily lost, if not be guarded, difficult to find, especially in a lake which full dark ... Meanwhile friend still find where love and waiting ... Why ? because ... the Friend is true and will always eternal as being escort .... So, what your choice, be Love or Friend ?
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@raynejasper (2324)
• Philippines
31 Jul 09 is true that love and friendship are two different things.. However, in my experience, love and friendship can go together most especially in a relationship.. In order for love to prosper and stay strong, friendship between partners should be established.. you have stated the difference between love and friendship and if you will join the two, it will make a very good meaning.. I hope you could find this in your life too.. You will really rejoice..
@advokatku (4035)
• Indonesia
31 Jul 09
Unfortunately, Friendship and love difficult to be distinguished, ray
@bunnybon7 (47393)
• Holiday, Florida
1 Aug 09
we always love our friends if they are true friends and i would rather friendship with love any day with a true friend than to have love from someone that says they love you but dont ever treat you like a true friend. i think you have to respect a person before you can love them. RESPECT is what i have learned is the key to it all. this from someone 60yrs with experience in it all.
@eLsMarie (4346)
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
love (for family, relatives, loved ones, etc.) and friendship are both important... we wouldn't be able to find meaning in our lives if we won't be able to balance the two...
@Capsicum (1444)
• United States
31 Jul 09
It took my over 15 years of marriage to realize ,I was in love.Friends come and go,at least for me.I always seem to attract friends who are hazardous to my health. I am still married after 25 years to my high school boyfriend.I think it says something about a loving relationship.Even though it took me so much time to figure out what love really was. We love each other more everyday. A escort is so impersonal. If you could be with someone you cared for,a friend or lover.I have to disagree that friends are eternal ,If you have one good friend you are very fortunate if you have 5 you are blessed.I have a best friend but if faced with a choice to pick between friends or my husband ,My man would win hands down.
• China
31 Jul 09
The only rose without thorns in the world is friendship.A true friend is someone who reaches your hand and touches your heart.Truly great friends are hard to find,difficult to leave,and impossible to forget.One friend in a lifetime is much,two are many,three are hardly possible!