Waoindia is a geniune and certified PTC site

@mtata23 (354)
July 31, 2009 5:18am CST
It pays $0.10 per click and $0.05 per referral click for standard customers and $0.15 per click to premium members which seems unbelievable for ptc sites hence many people consider it as a fraud site. No, no it is not a fraud site. It has been certified genuine. I do not see any better paying ptc site that can be trusted. Now also get 20% referral earnings on net sales when any of your referral do any purchases from the site. So, one can see chances of earnings are more now at waoindia. After a gap, now after realizing the potential earnings of this site I have again started concentrating on this site. Those who wish to join Waoindia genuinely can join below me from the topmost banner in my mylot profile. I have seen that some people join waoindia and then stop clicking ads and remain dormant. Either they do not trust the site or feel $199 payout reachable. Let me tell you it is not so. So if anybody want to join Waoindia, join from my banner in my profile and please be an active member. It will first earn you then others.
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• Mexico
5 Sep 09
hey man I once was a waoindia member and trust me it's a supper scam!!! they never paid me but don't take my word as your own truth see it with your own eyes. just take a look at the testimonials on their site