Its raining and everyone is sleeping in my house except me........

@aweins (4203)
July 31, 2009 7:30am CST
i cant sleep in day time. it is raining and feels dark and gloomy also. this same thing can be sexy also if you go out on a long drive , you and your partner, and then at some coffeee day , you stop and have a cup of hot cofffee with some cookies . i love that. i feel rainy season is very romantic. but for some people it is very boring. like at present it isvery boring for me too becasue everyone is sleeping nd i am doing mylot. nobody to even talk to, what and where to go on a drive, what a bore. do you like rains or rainy season? do you think it is romantic? i feel so. i love to be wet in a drizzle.
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