Political Capitalism -- 0bama Style

Change Sucks - I like this. This is an image from a protest in Chicago taken recently.
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July 31, 2009 10:01am CST
I received this in an email earlier and thought I'd share. In 0's own home town of Chicago, many of his "people" are waking up and realizing how full of it he really is. It's about time America finally woke up and realized that all 0 is going to do with his healthcare reform is bankrupt people like you and me who work hard for our money. Quoting from the email: [i]This type of thing is going on in many places all around the country. The news will not show this for obvious reasons. The tide is turning and they don’t want you to know. Notice they keep passing bills without giving anyone time to read and understand them? They are in a mad rush to pass as much of their socialist legislation as they can before we realize what has happened. The only chance we capitalists have to stop the Marxist takeover of our country, short of all out revolution, is to put constant pressure on all the congressmen. Just pick one or five or twenty and send them email, faxes, phone calls, whatever you can do. Try their websites for addresses and contact information. Yes it takes some time but think of what America will be in a few short years if we don’t stop this takeover. Wake up, this is not a drill, it’s the real thing and it’s gaining speed. The Marxists are going to destroy the middle class and once they eliminate their capitalist opposition we are done, game over. Go check your history. Using a smokescreen of financial emergency, they have already taken over the automobile industry , given it to the unions and will dictate what kind of cars you can drive. They control the financial institutions, having killed everyone but Goldman Sachs and then appointed or hired many of Goldman’s old guard to run the new financial system. These guys are now making obscene profits, again, on their trading activities in the wake of the stimulus charade. Check out Rolling Stone’s latest investigative piece. They want to pass this Cap and Trade law so they can create a huge new market for carbon credits and take trillions from the small businesses that employee 70% of Americans and are the back bone of this capitalist economy. They want to force you into government health care but don’t tell you they will ration treatment because there is no way to pay for it. How do you think they are doing with Medicare, social security and the Postal Service so far? We have to fight back now. Everyday send someone something. It works. We stopped the Hillary care before and the Immigration Bill as well. It will work. Just do it. Tell your friends to get busy. Our offspring deserve better than this. Maury [/i] So what do you think? Are we setting up our children to be slaves for the government? Do you think that we're going to fail miserably and 0bama's going to be the one that drives this country straight into the ground?
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31 Jul 09
I think Mr. Obama is a figure head used as a smoke screen himself. It is easy to cry racism if he doesn't get "his" way. This path was skipped along with Clinton. He ignored political enemies and looked at our government as a business not as a country of millions of people. It is in many ways the Democratic way. And here we go again.