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United States
July 31, 2009 10:45am CST
I was reading an article the other day that said online dating sites are the bar and night clubs of the 21st century. I personally found this hard to believe until I started talking with my friends and they all agree that everyone currently single has either tried online dating or considered it. So I was wondering how many myloters have tried online dating? Did you like it? what did you like about each different site and not like about them? Any success stories? How many are currently considering online dating? What will you look for in a site? Do people really pay for these services? And how much do they pay? What made you decide to turn to online dating? My one concern with online dating would be the eventual meeting of the person. With things like photo shop and the ability to lie online can you really get to know a person online? Any ladies currently in the online dating scene and do you take any precautions before meeting someone?
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• Philippines
31 Jul 09
hello, i have never tried online dating, just chatting. But i have a friend who found a fiance through online dating. I can't blame her she's nearly 34 years of age. I dunno how they work it out, but she is happy now. I am afraid of this online dating thing because most of them are like looking for life long partners. And sometimes they do look scary. lol!
• United States
1 Aug 09
Really most are looking for a life long partner? I assumed alot of people on dating sites would either be looking for one night things or to play endless emailing and chatting.
• United States
5 Sep 09
Sensualsoul, I agree, I believe most people online are not in search of a lifelong partner, but more of a one night thing or at least a temporary relationship until they find something else. VERY rarely do you find someone who is actually looking to settle down and marry with someone they met online. Some even go as far as to marrying someone to just divorce them a year later and take all their money. I have had 3 friends that have met people online, fell in love, moved these people in and married them only to find out they were scammed out of all their cash and their hearts. Some people will go ALL the way to scam you, even marriage!
• United States
5 Sep 09
As someone who has experience in the online dating game let me say this, first off, the "dating sites" are pretty much a scam. If you want to me someone online for free go to a chatroom or go on a free site like Myspace, Facebook, or Hoverspot to meet people and not have to pay a fee at all. With that said I will give you a bit of warning... 90% of the time when you do meet these people online they lie and are almost always NEVER what they seem when you do meet them so even though more people are using these sites to meet people, I would still recommend the old fashioned way of meeting people. Bars and clubs I would not do because most people there end up to be drunk and losers. Best thing to do...look for activities to do in your local area that interest you. Join a book club, join a co-ed sports team. That is the best way to meet people and they are not in a negative atmosphere where they can hide their true selves. This not only helps you meet people with similar interests as you, but it also helps you to concentrate more on yourself as well and confidence is the best thing to getting a great relationship started.