Ever heard of a site called Points2shop??

United States
July 31, 2009 2:07pm CST
I found this site a couple of months ago and thought it was pretty interesting, its called P2S, basically what this website does is, its a GPT (get paid to) and users who sign up can get paid with cash or cool prizes by doing almost nothing. It features 2 types of ways to get free money or prizes, first is by playing games, games include a racing game, a shooting game, and a game of chance: Racing: Race around the track 5 times, if you beat your opponent, you get points, later you can use these points to get free prizes such as video games, consoles, jewelry, pretty much anything from Amazon.com. Shooting game: Shoot the targets and if you get the high score, you earn points. Limbo: The game of chance includes you pick a number from 1-99999, about 200 people play this game, if you are the lucky winner who gets the lowest number that no one has picked, you earn $40-$50 easy. Another way is to do simple offers, offers take about 5 minutes to do and credit around $1 for each offer, they are very simple and very fast. After you have earned enough points, you can simply go to Amazon.com and order WHATEVER you'd like, simple. If you want cash, go to the cash tab, from here you can order a check or paypal, there is also a few others way to order money. if you want to check it out heres the link: http://tinyurl.com/4vmrvm
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• New Zealand
4 Aug 09
it looks really good, there are great prizes and its easy to earn points but there has been many unhappy reviews by some users of the site :S i might give it a try
• United States
31 Jul 09
i have never heard of this site but i think im going to check it out some more and maybe even give it a shot, thanks.