United States
July 31, 2009 4:17pm CST
In this recession of ours, the rich are being helped to save their companies - but the poor are just scambling to get by. For those of us who do want to work; especially wanting to work from home - why can't anyone give US a break, and give us a chance? Why must it cost us money to be able to work from home, when being at home we should be most trusted as we're NOT in their company stealing. Or allow us to pay whoever we need to pay after we get our first NICE check. Why does it ALWAYS have to be so hard for us - some of us don't have the means to get around to jobs outside of our home; and yet, we still need get a paycheck. Why can't Obama set up work at home jobs for us in our field that cost us absolutely nothing; thereby, allowing us to work, make money, and survice?????? I would like to have a job that only consists of needing a computer and internet service to do some Basic Keyboarding FOR SOMEONE!!!! Don't have the money or means to pay for a position over the internet - but, I do have drive to work. Who needs the money more - the rich or US????? Your input would be interesting to read. Thank You.
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