Friends who are jerks...

@themdno (402)
United States
July 31, 2009 5:04pm CST
I have this friend who lies to and insults pretty much everybody he comes in contact with. He thinks he is better than everybody, could beat up anybody in a fight, every girl alive wants to sleep with him, etc. He used to be cool, and we've known him for years...more than a decade. But, should we put up with him, when he is a pain to be around? He even lied to everybody that one of our old friends died, and then somebody found the guy! Have any of you ever known somebody like this, and how do you know when to stop talking to somebody who used to be a cool person?
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@x_Jo_x (1041)
31 Jul 09
I think this guy has some complex issues. I think you should stop talking to him, he doesnt sound like a very good friend. Dont make the desicion lightly though! If he comes to you a proves he has changed then sure... give him another chance. Or talk to him about it. If he doesnt change tell him that you are going to stop talking to him UNTIL he does. If he wants to be a good friend to you - he will change! I Hope for you that he changes! Good luck to both you and him! (If all else fails - Hit him round the head and tell him he's an idiot )
@themdno (402)
• United States
1 Aug 09
I think the only thing that would work is hitting him on the head! I would probably hurt my hand though, because he is so hard headed. I pretty much have stopped talking to him, but he was my friend since I was 12, so it's hard for me to say, that's it, you're not my friend anymore.
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29 Sep 09
Possibly this guy just wants attention. I know several people that do something similar to this, they will lie, insult, swear and act arrogant, it is all for show. Deep down, he is still the "cool" buy that you used to know. In my opinion, you can your friends should confront him with the problem: he is being obnoxious and you don't feel comfortable around him. It is not alright to shun a person, just let him know that he is unwelcome and unless he changes, you are going to ignore him.