What would be the best guitar and amp purchase?

United States
August 1, 2009 7:55pm CST
I play every type of music, but i am looking for equipment for a specific sound at the moment. I am starting another band up and I am looking for equipment that would best qualify the sound needs of thrash/metal bands with some heavy grindcore rifts and rhythmns thrown in between. I am also into new hardcore breakdowns and will more than likely be having a few through out my songs.
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• Indonesia
14 Nov 09
You play trash just like me... :) so i have 2 suggestion for you because i dont know really how much your budget. We play same type of music genre. we both know we playing with full heavy distortion so woody sound of the guitars not really important for us (you know the expensive guitar made by good wood) so you can buy cheap guitar or custom guitars that you can designed by yourself and focus to find very good guitar pickup because that a vital thing to make thick and chunk guitar sound, if you like Active pickup (Use batteries) you can use EMG 81/85 that have really good output with very low noise but you need to replace the batteries frequently. but if you want use passive pickup you can use seymour duncan invader series (Dimebag Darrel of pantera ever use this pickup). For the amp, if you like real Dirty and analog sound just like me you can find full tube guitar amplifier it will more respect to your picking techniques. so what you training for years not will digitalized by damn solidstate amplifiers. but remember you need warming up the head before you hit a full distortion downstrokes picking to that amp.