Would you like to have Coffee or Tea?

August 1, 2009 8:13pm CST
Which one will you prefer.. Coffee as what most people said will make you awake the whole night, good for those who work at night or to overnight some work to be done.. Coffee as what they say is for cleansing, i like coffee though only 1 or 2 cups a day.. and for tea i prefer ice tea coz it will also helps me feel refresh specially during summer
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@greenline (14855)
• Canada
2 Aug 09
I am a coffee drinker. I would drink four or five cups of coffee a day, starting with the first cup at breakfast time. Yes, I have heard people saying that coffee keeps one a wake the whole night. I don't know why, but that doesn't happen to me. I could sleep quite normally after having coffee at night time too. For tea, yes, I have tea in the afternoons once in a while. I also have an affinity for green tea.
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
I taste green tea before... actually let me also correct my post.. im referring my above post as, tea as for cleansing.. i just read it and i guess i put coffee for cleansing.. sorry guys...