Why is life so complex

United States
August 1, 2009 8:49pm CST
Life is good,depends on how we make it. Most people believe money creates happiness, to some extent is true, but to enjoy life depends on peace around us.
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@jinyan69 (124)
• China
2 Aug 09
life is not complex ,if you think life is complex,it will become complex?if you want a simple life ,don't think lot ,it will make you happy ?
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• Indonesia
3 Aug 09
nice.... i agree
• India
2 Aug 09
We cannot exactly tell that life is complex, at start life is simple but its we who make it complex which is influnced by various factors like pride, money, attitude, living style and many others.Ya you are right that most of the people believe that money will make them happy but they are the people who are totally based on materialistic things which make them happy, for such kind of people you cannot make them happy by being with them and sharing with the your feelings, and other life related things they will never be interested in such things because they think its money what speaks. I agree with you that its true to a certain extent but we cannot exactly tell that its 100% true. the main factor in almost 90% people life is peace, love, care, compromise and others make them happy to the extent, this kind of happiness we cannot find in materialistic things because its only we who got to be with them, they cannot be with us as they have no life. Its a discussion which cannot end because there are no people with the same thinking and taughts and so it differs from person to person. We will some people do not have money but they will have everything other than it, At the same time we can see people who have lots and lots of money but no love, feelings and care. And thus it depends from person to person. Friends feel free to comment with your views.
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@EliteUser (3968)
• Australia
27 Sep 09
Hey, Well I don't really know why life is so complex. It is true that most people say that money creates happiness, but that is not true. Money can just buy you leisure, but not happiness or wisdom. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@Pose123 (21666)
• Canada
3 Aug 09
Hi asiamgodfred, Welcome to Mylot, I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends and also some money. I agree with you that life is good or bad according to our own way of thinking.Money does not bring happiness, some very rich people are among the most miserable and some who have the bare necessities of life are very happy. Decide to be happy now no matter what your station in life, and if someday you are rich you will still be happy. Blessings.
@melycota (87)
• United States
2 Aug 09
I once had somebody tell me that money is love, and the flow of love is money. They let me know that everything in your life is connected and that when everything was going well it meant that you were at peace with yourself. If your life is perfect "except for this one thing" then it is the universe's way of letting you work on some aspect about yourself. I believe people create happiness, and money is just something that comes with it.