how many topic or discussion you post in a day

August 1, 2009 11:34pm CST
for me, normally i have around 10 post per day. but today, i plan to have 20 post, because i am damn free right now. happy mylotting to me and you.
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@dlr297 (5416)
• United States
3 Aug 09
Hello, for me i try to respond to about 20 or more discussions a day, and more if i find the time. I check back a few times a day that way i can check up on what is going on.
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• Malaysia
8 Aug 09
thanks for replying. just to share that today i just write about 50 posts. it is good efforts from me. hope i got the time every day to post more.
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@Iriene88 (5346)
• Malaysia
12 Aug 09
Hi, You post 50 a day? That's a right shoulder already aching for just typing 20 comments /response a it up! For myself, I will start a new topic discussion everyday..except The following day I will start to comment on the responses received, and at the same time go to 'friends started' to check any interesting topics that I can support my fellow myLotters there.. If I am free, I will go thru all the responses on my topic which is 1 - 2 weeks old, to resolve the discussion and award the 'Best Response' to the most relevant giving out 'BR', it shows that we appreciate their effort and contribution. This will definitely encourage the responder in their myLot journey here and put a SMILE on their face. SO, by posting 50 the earnings jump drastically? (I am curious too, have never post so many before..tks!) All the best & do keep in touch!
• Malaysia
15 Aug 09
i only can do this sometimes during the weekend. there is no way i can post 50 a day on weekdays due to my nine to five work commitment. so far, i do not see any drastic increase of earnings because of 50 posting a day.