What's your major?

United States
August 2, 2009 12:17am CST
I'm wondering what other mylot-ers are focusing on in college? Or if you've already graduated what did you major in? Are you still in the same field? I'm an accounting and business major right now and I feel like that is the best choice for me. I want insight into what other majors are doing?
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• United States
5 Aug 09
I'm majoring in politics. I'm not sure if its the best major for me but its something I'm interested in.
• United States
3 Aug 09
I have math and biology, hopefully I can get into med school. Bio is my main one but I added math just because I had 8 semesters to finish 7 classes so It was worth a shot for higher pay
2 Aug 09
i am in law major.most of people said that lawyer would has high pay. what do you think so
@jenskye03 (354)
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
I'm a Marketing Management Major and I am now in my last year in college, finally. Before I started to go in college, I was still undecided on what course I will take. When I was in elementary I wanted to become a Computer Engineer, then in highschool I wanted to pursue Computer courses. And then when I entered college I don't know why I landed on the business courses. But I don't have regrets coz I love my course right now and its perfect for me. I still wanted to study computer someday. So maybe if I have time and still have the opportunity, I would surely take another course.
@ucue2008 (924)
• Malaysia
2 Aug 09
I'm in politcal science major, and ended up being a teacher for primary school teacher. still, I hold my patient about international relations dearly and still having passionate about politic around the world. I ended up in a career different from my major, sometimes I regret it, but now I begin to accept it. Choose something that you like to do, or if not you will be feeling stress about it.
• China
3 Aug 09
i'm in management of public business. i don't like it.i known my job will not be that kind.