How to make a profitable blog ?

@sarojInc (570)
August 2, 2009 3:39am CST
I'm working as a webmaster and looking for ways to make my new blog profitable .should I go for an adsense account or apply for affiliate programs or apply for contextual ads . I am looking for maximizing my my returns.I would also like to know if you run a blog.or specifically blog for money. Share your secrets and valuable insights.
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• Malaysia
2 Aug 09
Anything that we do in our life, we must understand two (2) basic life principles. The two (2) basic life principles are as follows; 1. Motives, & 2. Objective. Referring to your discussion content, your already have a very clear motive. Kindly, let me explain one-by-one; 1. Motive Motive is anything that you wanted to have or in other word it is a feasible and pragmatic plan. In your case you have set up your motive as "am looking for maximizing my my returns', related to your ownership property on blog, blogger, and blogging. 2. Objective Objective is an outcome from motive to enjoy its success story on working the motive to be true and through and it must does contains value. Not only success in making money from your ownership property on blog, blogger, and blogging activities BUT it also gives value of sharing on e-world. It's edified by netizens a a paragon blog. HOW TO REACH THAT LEVEL? This is the main question that every weblog owner must ask in looking for right clues to make the weblog owner be true and through. You have to open up one discussion on myLot and propose these points of comment; 1. Site Content: a. What is the quality of the site content and presentation? b. Was it original content? 2. Site Navigation: How easy was it to find the information you needed? 3. Site Response: How quickly does the site contents and graphics load? 4. Overall Score: Give an overall score of your impression of this member's site [Best 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Worst] 5. Comments: add additional remarks, praise or constructive criticism. MY CONCLUSION SPECIAL FOR YOU AND YOUR BLOG: Your blog ROI (Return On Investment) will depends on these three (3) major factors; a. Conventional products with payment gateway system, b. Digital products with payment gateway system, & c. Its friendliness to both e-carrier; SEO and SEM ; where SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEM is Search Engine Marketing. To give you a proof how does those e-carriers working for you and your blog, kindly copy and paste your own myLot user name - sarojInc - into your web search browser.....NOW.....proven, myLot does carries your user name to be listed at No. 1 on SEO page. Meaning that, myLot also successfully done its SEM task just only from your own user name. The above steps are the beginning point for you to work on new phase and perform"On your mark.....Get Set.....Gooooo" - in getting high ROI.
@underdogtoo (9589)
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
The internet is full of people who can give advice on how to monetize a blog. I have been trying to make some money online and all I can say is that it is not a walk in the park.